As of 2015 Limitless Softworks has moved towards creating more games than programs. There are a few projects which are being developed currently, these all being different genres and all offering the same high quality game play and enjoyment throughout.

The main titles which will hopefully be released within the next few months are:

"Spira's Tear"

An RPG game set in a fantasy world, have you go the wits about you to survive? And can you vanquish the evil which covers the land? There is only one way to find out...

"Lazy Gladiator"

Known as either an idle game or a Clicker game, training your very own gladiator has never been this fun!

About Us

Limitless Softworks was founded by Ashley Hodson in early 2013, Now in the middle of 2015, Limitless Softworks is still growing, with developments moving towards creating more games than programs.
Our aim is to create high quality games and programs and we will continue to create to a high standard.

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